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Faster, More Efficient Payments
for Suppliers

MPI eliminates payment uncertainties for your agency partners and improves the predictability and transparency of your receivables so you can get paid on-time as expected.
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Automated Remittance Saves Time and Money

With the industry’s largest proprietary network of media suppliers, MPI understands how to help transform your accounts receivables into a fast, efficient engine while reducing your transaction costs so you can accelerate your clients’ payables and improve your cash flow.

Payment Notifications

Remittance Data


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Why Suppliers Join the MPI Network

As a media supplier, past due payments and waiting for checks to process create uncertainties that effect your business. Trusted by media agencies nationwide, MPI has processed more than $3B in agency spend and by participating in our B2B payments network, we can provide greater transparency into your receivables data. Plus, our payment solutions integrate with accounting systems, helping your accounts receivable team streamline their workflow and focus on what they do best. As part of our growing network of suppliers, we can provide your agency partners automated electronic payment options, including ACH and virtual cards that post directly into your bank account, ensuring faster more predictable payments, while lowering overall costs.

“MPI’s system of automated notifications enabled us to quickly confirm schedules and get spots on logs. They helped our stations save countless hours tracking down proof of payment. Their team is incredibly responsive and helped make our busiest political cycle ever a big success.”

~ Nextstar Finance Executive

MPI Solutions for Suppliers


Proprietary technology eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors and automates payment notifications to media.


Management tools provide detailed insights on historical and new payment data that enables you to better manage your cash flow.


Compatible with billing software to help streamline your accounts receivable workflow for easier reconciliation.


Personal account manager and media payments team to field questions 24/7.


As part of our exclusive, proprietary network, you can receive expedited payments from clients via ACH deposited into your account.


Created for the industry by experienced media and payment solutions professionals, with media agencies and suppliers in mind.