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MPI is more than just a payments company. We utilize next level proprietary technologies to leverage your demands faster, and more secure than ever thought possible.

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Introducing Media Payments Inc.

Focused on automating payments in the Media Industry.

MPI has developed technology that enables the electronic settlement process. Our Payment Platform was designed with input from media buyers and sellers, custom built to address their pain points. MPI’s proprietary software solution integrates with all agency stewardship systems, station traffic systems and accounting systems. Our solution enables ease of execution and elimination of manual errors both for buyers and sellers while offering the most secure form of remittance available in the business.

Having personally spent thirty years in the media business, specifically National Spot Television Sales with Cox, I have seen many innovations. From the days of hand written avails and orders written on cocktail napkins, to twx machines, fax machines, electronic contracting and eventually DARE and EPORT, many things have changed for the better. Sadly, one area of the media business workflow process has not advanced as rapidly, the payment process. Today, many agencies still handle their remittance process in the same antiquated fashion they have for decades, sending manual checks. While some new entrants have tried to solve this problem by jury rigging payment solutions used in other industries, none address the specific needs of today’s media buyer and seller.

MPI’s intimate knowledge of the industry, deep relationships with buyers and sellers and our focus on customer service and satisfaction has been refined by playing the role of the middle man for thirty years as a national rep. We are the true industry insider.

I am extremely excited to launch MPI and play a role in moving the Media business forward.

Jim Hughes
CEO, Media Payments Inc.

MPI Leadership Team

Jim Hughes
CEO, Media Payments Inc.

Jim Hughes is the Chief Executive Officer of Media Payments Inc, a fully automated payment solution, custom built for media buyers and sellers.

Richard Otruba
Executive VP for Technology

Richard provides leadership for MPI’s Technology Group, a team responsible for the technology infrastructure, software development, and technical customer support for the organization.

Jeff Wiesinger
Executive VP for
Operational Finance

Jeff leads the Finance and Accounting team for MPI, which maintains the internal control framework for the company and customer funds. The Finance and Accounting team also manages the payment transfers and customer account reconciliations.


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